Labin, Rabac and bay Prtlog

The place of present picturesque town of Labin is situated on a hill 320 m high, only about 3 km from sea, was according to all inhabited even 2000 years before Christ.

Kunci are remains of settlements of kasteljera from Bronze age which are located near Labin. His old name is Albona or Alvona which is from Illyrian or Celtic origin and it seems that the Celtics were founded in IV. century before Christ on site of former fortress, although some historians are mentioning that the Illyirians were established this site in 11. century before Christ.

According to historians, Albona on Celtic language means “the city on hill” or “the high settlement”.

For his then residential inhabitants, Tit Livy would write that they were pirates. 

After the conflict between local population and Romans which began in third century before Christ, Istria 177 before new era falls under Rome and the border becomes river Rasa. Labin with its surroundings becomes an integral part of the Roman province Illyric with high degree of independence and with rule over the surrounding places. 

The oldest written document about Labin is a relief from the third century of our era with inscription “RES PUBLICA ALBONESSIUM”